Dec 13th, 2017

Re: 2018 CAIA Scholarships

The Chinese American Insurance Association (CAIA), founded in 1990, is a §501(c)(3) non-profit grassroots organization serving the Chinese-American community.  CAIA seeks to build bridges of understanding about insurance between China and America, and to educate the community about the complexities of insurance issues that affect their lives, including how insurance products can protect their business and personal assets and help to secure their families and financial well-being.

Dramatic growth of Chinese American and Asian communities has resulted in rising demand for insurance of all kinds, increasing the need for better understanding of the insurance and reinsurance industries and for these key industries to attract talented individuals.

Given the importance of insurance to the economy and society, CAIA created the CAIA Scholarship program to inspire and encourage worthy young people of Chinese descent to pursue careers in the insurance industry.

The CAIA Scholarship Program began over ten years ago, in memory of James Ying, who was an original charter officer of CAIA.  A truly fine and ethical man, James Ying passed away much too soon.  Board Director Bin Bai serves as CAIA Scholarship Chair.

Once again, the CAIA Board of Directors pledges its commitment to provide these scholarships for motivated students who demonstrate need and dedication to their studies.  This year, CAIA will award scholarship of $3,000 each to the selected CAIA Scholars.

CAIA Scholarship Eligibility:

In order to be eligible, the candidate must be of Chinese descent, majoring at a qualified institution of higher education in: Insurance Studies, Risk Management, Actuarial Science, or related business majors, such as Business Administration, Finance and Economics.

The selected CAIA Scholar should be available for a 20+ hours per week for 10 weeks internship for CAIA or CAIA designated organizations.  Accordingly, a college or university in the Greater New York region is preferred.

CAIA Scholarship Application Instructions:

Please read and follow carefully.  All applications and accompanying documents MUST be received or postmarked by the Feb 15, 2018 deadline.  A short essay is required.

Download a hard copy of College Scholarship Application Form, fill it out, complete all necessary steps, and mail everything to us at:

Chinese American Insurance Association (CAIA)

115-119 Bowery, 3/F

New York, NY 10002

Attention: CAIA Scholarship Application

Any questions concerning the CAIA Scholarship process can be directed to Theresa Lee, by e-mailing her at:

In addition to these CAIA Scholarships, CAIA works closely with many major insurance associations, and holds other activities throughout the year.  CAIA is a lead sponsor of an Insurance Industry Diversity Career Fair, working with cognate organizations and the insurance industry.